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Types Of Water Damages and How to Handle Them Effectively

Types Of Water Damages and How to Handle Them Effectively

Posted on: September 22, 2015 by in Water Damage
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Apparently, just life fire, water can be a good servant but, at times, a bed monster. Water disaster can be triggered by various factors including plumbing issues and flooding. Water damages can have a shattering impact on your home. As a result, as a homeowner, it is important to be well informed about the different types of water damages and how to handle these damages when they strike.

There are three different types of water damage. Each of these types strikes with varying degree of severity. Understanding the three types of water damages will help you respond effectively and swiftly. Regardless of what kind of water damage your property is facing, it is vital to respond immediately and accordingly. Responding promptly will help in mitigating the damage caused by the water. Here are the three types of water damages:

Clean Water Damage

Clean water damage is caused by water that has not been contaminated in any way. As a result, this water damage does not cause any immediate health risks. However, it can lead to extensive damages if not you do not fix it promptly. Clean water damage is mostly caused by an overflowing bathtub, faucets and other plumbing issues in the house.

Grey Water Damage

This kind of water damage is caused by water that has been slightly contaminated. Grey water damage is considered hazardous. Mostly, the contamination of the water is usually as a result of the nature of the water’s source or because of neglect. Quintessential examples of grey water damage include leaks from a toilet bowl, dishwasher, and washing machine.

Black Water Damage

This kind of water damage is regarded as the most dangerous and extremely hazardous water damage. The water that causes black water damage is usually highly contaminated. The contamination is usually because of the presence of microbes and toxic materials.

Handling Water Damage

After you have established what kind of water damage you are facing, there are some steps that can help you handle water damages successfully. In case, you note that the water damage is either black or grey, it is highly recommended that you wear protective gloves and boots before you try to salvage your belongings. Make sure that you call a reliable water damage restoration company before you endeavor to save your belongings. Some of the techniques used by water damage restoration companies in remedying water damage include:

Desiccant Dehumidification

This technique involves the removal of moisture from the air. Desiccant dehumidification is very important as it helps in preventing mold problems after you have remedied the water damage. This process can also be used to in drying important documents. It is important to choose a company that has the latest equipment that will help with the desiccant dehumidification process.


This is another restoration process that can play a focal role in drying binder, books, and printed materials. Although this process nearly works the same as desiccant dehumidification process, it is usually in a contained chamber and at much lower temperature.

Conclusively, time is of the dire essence when it comes to handling water damages. If you delay in solving water damage, even clean water damage can graduate and become grey water damage. Make sure that you call a competent water damage and restoration company to help you in solving water damages.